Platinum Plus® MasterCard® Credit Card

Plat%2bmc_mbnacan_ns The Platinum Plus MasterCard®, issued by MBNA Canada, is available to Canadian residents and provides cardholders with fixed interest rates and common platinum cardholder services.

There is no annual fee for this credit card program and cardholders will benefit from the low introductory AIR for the first six months on balance transfers and cheque cash advances. Some applicants may even qualify for credit limits upwards of $100,000.

The average interest rate (AIR) is fixed for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. There is no annual fee. The low introductory rate is available for six months, and applies to balance transfers and cash advance cheques.

Cardholders can also take advantage of the platinum benefits that come with the card, which include fraud protection, emergency card replacement, 24-hour customer service, online account access, and access to thousands of ABMs worldwide.

Those who do not qualify for the platinum card may be considered for the preferred card, which varies in terms of benefits and credit limits.
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Type of card: Personal
Introductory apr rate description: 1.99% AIR for 10 Billing Cycles
Introductory apr months: 10
Purchases apr rate: $17.99
Cash apr rate: $19.99
Fee: $0.00
Best: Low introductory rate; no annual fee
Worst: No rewards program
Perks: Various online account related services. Emergency card replacement. 24-hour customer service. See website for additional benefits.
Notations: *After 1 year of inactivity with a credit balance, the fee will be the lesser of $5 or the credit balance; after 2 years the fee will be the lesser of $15 or the credit balance; after 5 years the fee will be the lesser of $25 or the credit balance; and after 9 years the fee will be the lesser of $30 or the credit balance. See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure.
Additional description:
  • 1.99% Introductory Annual Interest Rate* for 10 Months on Cheque Cash Advances and Balance Transfers*
  • No Annual Fee
  • 17.99% Annual Interest Rate on Purchases and 19.99% Annual Interest Rate on Cash Advances
  • Around-the-Clock Fraud Protection
  • Online Access to Your Credit Card Account
  • Unparalleled 24-Hour Customer Service

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