READYdebit? Card

Ready_debit_ns The READYdebit™ Card from MetaBank is the perfect way for people who don?t have a checking account to obtain and use a debit card for all of their purchases - whether plastic is required or not.

With this prepaid card, cardholders simply load the READYdebit™ Card with cash and use it as they would a credit card. Paychecks can even be directly deposited into a READYdebit™ account to get easy access to funds without waiting in line at the bank and to avoid paying high check cashing fees.

The READYdebit™ Card offers two options, depending on the cardholder's needs. The Basic plan is $3.95 a month, while the Select plan is $7.95 a month and comes with lots of extras like free online bill pay*. Select plan cardholders are also cut a break on other fees such as ATM withdrawal fees, balance inquiry fees, and fees for PIN transactions.

The best thing about the READYdebit™ Card is the freebies. Unlike other prepaid cards, cardholders are not charged card loading fees or negative balance fees - something banks would charge a pretty penny for.

The best part is that the READYdebit™ Card works just like a credit card and can be used to book hotel or car reservations or to make purchases online - something that just can't be done without a credit card. Plus, your funds on the READYdebit™ Card are protected by Visa®'s Zero Liability? policy, which protects cardholders from unauthorized transactions.

Funds can be loaded onto the READYdebit™ via direct deposit, or at participating retail stores including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, RadioShack, and wherever the Visa® ReadLink symbol is displayed.

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Type of card: Prepaid
Introductory apr rate description: No Introductory Rate Available
Fee: $0.00
Best: Direct deposit, online bill pay service
Worst: Fees to withdraw funds, monthly service fees.
Perks: See website for additional benefits.
Notations: *See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure. **Fees depend on plan. The first year fee for the Basic plan is $47.40, not including fees for ATM withdrawals, PIN transactions, balance inquries, online bill pay, and bank teller cash advance fees.
Additional description:
  • Visa® Debit Card ? Accepted Worldwide
  • Access to a Million ATMs Around the World
  • Online Bill-Payment and Check-Writing Service That Lets Customers Pay Anyone By Check
  • Free Direct Deposit, Plus a Network of 50,000 Locations Where Customers Can Load Their Visa® Card With Cash
  • 24x7 Customer Support ? Online and Phone
  • FDIC Insurance & Visa®'s Zero Liability Protection Against Fraudulent Use

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