Bank Freedom(SM) Prepaid MasterCard®

Bankfreedom_ns The Bank Freedom(SM) Prepaid MasterCard®, issued by MetaBank, is a stored value card designed for those who may have difficulty in obtaining an unsecured credit card.

This card requires the cardholder to make payments in advance, which are then used to offset future purchases made with the card. The card can be loaded by adding cash using a MoneyPak® at an authorized retailer, card to prepaid card (within the Bank Freedom program), Paypal to prepaid card, checking account to card transfers, or through free direct deposit. In addition, the $4.95 monthly service fee is waived if a minimum direct deposit of $500 is made.

There are other fees associated with this card, including a $1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal, $5.95 paper statement mailing fee, and a $1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal. If $500 in direct deposits are not made monthly cardholders can expect to pay a minimum of $59.40 in fees within the first year.

Cardholders can take advantage of additional services and benefits, including free email and wireless alerts for account information, MasterCard® Zero liability for unauthorized transactions, free direct deposit, and unlimited bill payment.

Therefore, those who are looking for a prepaid card without a large amount of fees may find the Bank Freedom(SM) Prepaid MasterCard® to be a suitable option.
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Type of card: Prepaid
Introductory apr rate description: No Introductory Rate Available
Fee: $0.00
Best: No annual fee; free direct deposit; no credit checks.
Worst: Monthly maintenance fee without direct deposit.
Perks: Various Internet account related services. No credit checks or turndowns. No employment verifications. Access to free signature purchase. Access to free automated telephone support. Access to free live customer service. Access to free bank account to prepaid card load. Access to free prepaid card to bank account load. Access to free card to prepaid card load (within Bank Freedom card program). Access to free Paypal to prepaid card load. Access to Bank Freedom Bill Payment services. Access to free email and wireless alerts. No Activation Fee. See website for additional benefits.
Notations: $.50 fee per PIN-Debit transaction. $.50 per ATM balance inquiry. $.50 per ATM withdrawal decline. $1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal. $3.95 per international ATM withdrawal. $1 per international signature transaction. $4.95 fee for 10 bill payments per month; over 10, $0.50 each. $5.95 paper statement mailing fee. $9.95 lost or stolen card replacement. $14.95 check fee. *Cardholders may not load more than $2,500 in personal funds per load and $10,000 for direct deposit loads. There is no limit on the number of times you may value load your Card. However, the maximum value load you may place on your Card when aggregated with any other Cards is restricted to $500 each load. **$4.95 monthly service fee if a minimum direct deposit of $500 is not made. ***Up to $25 special research and documentation fee (may include authorization hold removal, account verification, account balancing, etc). ****1% currency conversion fee. See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure.
Additional description:
  • $0 ACTIVATION FEE - No Conditions!
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval - No Credit Check
  • FREE - Unlimited Purchase Transactions
  • FREE Direct Deposit - No More Check Cashing Fees
  • FREE Account Alerts - Email and/or SMS Text Messages
  • NO Late Fees, NO Interest Fees, NO NSF Fees
  • No Annual Fees! NO Monthly Fee with Direct Deposit
  • $10,000 Balance Limit-Load at Retail Locations Nationwide

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