Brighter Planet™ Visa® Credit Card

Brighterplanet_ns The Brighter Planet™ Visa® Credit Card, issued by FIA Card Services, N.A., is designed for those with very good credit who would like to support an organization dedicated to monitoring and protecting the environment and will take advantage of the EarthSmart™ reward program.

Through the reward program, cardholders earn one EarthSmart™ point for every dollar spent on all purchases. Points are automatically redeemed to help fund renewable energy projects.

Cardholders will also receive 1,000 EarthSmart™ bonus points after their first qualifying purchase and 1,000 EarthSmart™ bonus points when they choose paperless billing. Essentially, every 1,000 points cardholders earn will fund an estimated 1 ton of carbon offsets. In addition, for every two points earned through December 2008, Bank of America will make a matching contribution of one additional point.

Aside from the reward program, cardholders can expect benefits such as fraud protection and online account access. Cardholders may also create a profile on the Brighter Planet website, which can be used to track their impact on the enviroment.

The card has no annual fee and the fixed interest rate for purchases is reasonably low (for those who qualify). There is also a 0% introductory rate that can be applied towards balance transfers and cash advance checks for the first twelve months.

Therefore, those who may occasionally carry a balance, plan to take advantage of the reward program, and would like to support improving the environment will find the Brighter Planet™ Visa® Credit Card a suitable option.
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Type of card: Personal
Introductory apr rate description: 0% APR for 12 Billing Cycles
Introductory apr months: 12
Purchases apr rate: $9.99
Cash apr rate: $24.99
Fee: $0.00
Additional points: Cardholders will earn one additional point for every two points earned through December 2008.
Point details: Points are redeemable monthly to help fund renewable energy projects.
Points per dollar: 1 Point
Best: No annual fee; reward program; 0% introductory rate.
Worst: No extraordinary benefits or discounts offered to cardholders aside from the reward program.
Perks: Various Internet account related services. Access to Mini Card service. Fraud protection. See website for additional benefits.
Notations: The fixed APR for purchases and balance transfers varies according to the applicant's credit history and will be either 9.99% or 15.99%. See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure.
Additional description:
  • 1 EarthSmart Point for Every $1 Net Retail
  • 1,000 EarthSmart Bonus Points with First Transaction
  • 1,000 EarthSmart Bonus Points for Signing up for Paperless Statements
  • For Every Two Base Points Earned Through December 2008, Bank of America Will Make a Matching Contribution of One Additional Point

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