Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard®

Orchard_plat_ns The Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard®, issued by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., is designed for those with an average or a limited credit history who do not wish to secure a credit card account with a deposit, as this is often the case with a secured card.
This card can help those with a limited credit history, but there are several factors that should be considered before applying.
The annual fee is dependent on the applicant's credit history and will range from $39 to $59, which is average for this type of credit card. There is no application fee, and the interest rate is average for this type of card.
This card also offers common cardholder benefits such as purchase protection, lost and stolen card reporting, and no liability for unauthorized transactions. In addition, cardholders can take advantage of a 0% introductory rate for purchases for six months.
Therefore, those who do not mind paying the average annual fee and would like the option to occasionally carry a balance will benefit most from what the Orchard Bank Platinum MasterCard® has to offer.
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Type of card: Credit_repair
Introductory apr rate description: 0% APR for 6 Months
Introductory apr months: 6
Purchases apr rate: $14.90
Fee: $39.00
Best: Very low APR for purchases; reports to credit bureaus.
Worst: Annual fee.
Perks: Various Internet account related services. Purchase protection. Emergency card replacement. Emergency cash replacement. Lost and stolen card reporting. No liability for unauthorized transactions. Choice of payment due dates. See website for additional benefits.
Notations: ***The total fees for the first year will vary from $39 to $59 depending on the applicant's prior credit history. See website for complete terms and conditions of card usage and application disclosure.
Additional description:
  • Enjoy the Prestige of Platinum with No Up Front Fees
  • Premium Platinum Benefits Including Purchase Protection
  • Reports to All 3 Credit Bureaus Monthly
  • Free Online 24-Hour Account Access and Bill Pay
  • Periodic Credit Limit Increases

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